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isPropertySpecified not apply in HTML5?


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Good Morning,

We are working (migrating) with AEM Forms Designer / Forms AEM JEE 6.1 FP1, we have implemented many complex forms in an earlier version of the platform (ES2).

In an XDP form, when rendering HTML5 throws the following error:

8.1.2016 14:21:30:8 *ERROR* [xfa]  [ALC-FRM-901-002] : Exception occurred while executing exit script for xfa[0].form[0].form[0].postal[0] : campo.isPropertySpecified is not a function.


Does "isPropertySpecified" function does not apply in HTML5?


function myFuction(campo) {

  if (campo.isPropertySpecified("caption")) {

  // ...




I consulted several links (ej: "Adobe LiveCycle ES4 / Scripting Support for HTML Forms and Guides"; Scripting Methods / Scripting Properties) and I can not see any of them indicating that this method / function does not apply in HTML5.

We would be very useful document which clearly lists all objects, functions, events ... and to indicate whether applied or not applied to HTML5. Is there a document that explains this?

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