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Is it too much to ask that a Mac user can just OPEN and USE a PDF form created by LiveCycle Designer PC software?!?


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My problem is just that- I have created all my forms using LiveCycle Designer because it is easier to make the forms accessible to individuals with disabilities.  Apparently it doesn't make Mac users have access to the forms.  I've received complaints from Mac users that cannot complete or submit the forms that I created.  I'm not asking how to recreate using another software, I know how to do that.  I'm asking is there a work around to allow a Mac user to open a PDF form or even XML (bedded within an HTML page) on a Mac computer WITHOUT having to use bootcamp, parallels, etc. and be able to complete the form and submit, print or email it?????  I've exhausted all my knowledge on this thus far and I'm hoping to find something that will help.  So far all forums talk about how Mac users need to have a PC side to their computer.  Isn't there another way?

I've attached an example form that we are no longer using (though still created exactly the same as the others)


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