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Is it possible to sign a Form-PDF twice..?


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Hello everybody,

Google did not give me an answer, so I try my luck here..! ;-)

Is it possible to sign a Form-PDF twice..? Why do I need this..? Let's say we have a PDF where access-rights for new employees can be instructed. The team-leader fills the PDF-form and signs it with his digital signature. At his moment, the whole PDF ist set to read-only. The PDF is sent to the it-department to create the new user and grant all needed access-rights. It would be really nice when the it-worker could sign the PDF a second time (to say "ok, everything is done") an give the PDF to the personnel-department.

Another workaround could be: The first signing sets all forms except the second signature and date-field to read-only and leaves these two fields on read/write..?

Thank you in advance,


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