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Is it possible to create a macro or function to insert any of 7 individual tables to be filled out into a form - the tables would need to be insertable multiple times.


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I am trying to create a fillable form in livecycle. This form will have a number of fields for filling in info that will remain static on the face of the form.  However, I also need the ability to trigger or insert tables into the form when needed, that will allow the user to complete the fields.  Each table serves a specific purpose and several of them will contain photo fields. My plan was to allow the form user to insert any of these tables as needed, multiple times (ie entering multiple people), I had created 7 separate tables to choose from. I would also need to prevent placeholder text in fields not completed from appearing on a printed form (either in paper print or .pdf print format).

Would I do this using macros? If so, what scripting would I need to use to achieve this? Any help would be appreciated.

Thks, Elaine

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