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Info on Livecycle designer ES4


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I am trying to find information about LiveCycle Designer ES4, and it is very hard to get through. I tried to contact Adobe Benelux and Adobe France without any success (it really is a shame those answering machines where you have only 3 options and none apply). So here I am with these questions and I sincerely hope to get an answer.

So I’m in the training business, a client asked for an Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES4 training. I would like to know:

  1. Can designer be stand alone or is it the full LiveCycle server and stuff that must be installed
  2. Are there any trials for the designer?
  3. What does a license cost?
  4. What are the conditions?
  5. By the way, I remember in ancient time Livecycle designer was part of Acrobat. Is there still a Livecycle Designer in Acrobat 11? Or when did it stop?

I need this info in order to decide if I will be able to provide the client with the training – or not.

Thank you in advance,

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