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I need to lower my Reader load time - optimization ideas?


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Okay, I have a big LiveCycle form - weighing in at 680KB with 1500 lines of Javascript.    No server involved - this is loading a pdf (XDP format) into Reader on the client.

I'm tracking load timing and it's taking about 29 seconds all in to go from the first time I can measure till form:ready.  Breaking that down it seems that the vast majority of the time it's simply doing, well something - who knows for 25 of those 29 seconds.  It doesn't seem to be calling any of my code for that period - what is it doing?  And how can I speed it up?

Here's a log I create to try and better understand the initialization process.   (mm:ss:milli)

  • 28:07:350  **First Initialization
    • Triggered by an 'initialize' event tied to the first field element that gets called (determined through trial and error)
    • For these four seconds I do some initialization and walk the object hierarchy tree*
  • 28:11:597  Form initializations starting
    • Done with my initial stuff
    • For next 25 seconds I have zero, I mean zero initialization calls tied to and objects in the object hierarchy
    • What is Reader doing?
  • 28:36:531  Form validation occurring
    • Just a check to know when the initialization phase is over and validations start occurring
    • Turns out this is real quick
  • 28:36:575  Form initializations complete
    • And ready to run at that point.

Thanks for any and all ideas!!!

Btw, here's a link on which I'm basing my assumptions oh now startup works.    LiveCycle ES2 * Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES2

I've googled for help on this -- all I see is a focus on server based configurations.

*A neat trick I haven't seen before.    I do a lot of hiding and showing of subforms (e.g., a tab bar, radio button sensitive showing of subforms, etc.) but want to keep validation working.   Turns out that a field in a hidden subform that is mandatory for validation will still be triggered.    So you have to turn off that validation check when you hide a field.   More work, but the default validation works.

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