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I have set form fields as User required and yet the form still prints/save when empty.


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I have set form fields as User required and yet the form still prints/save when empty. I also have an email button on the form but that works correctly by not allowing the user to email the form with the required fields empty.

What script do I need to additionally restrict both printing and saving if the required fields are empty?

You would think that just setting that option would restrict those functions the same as it does for the email button.

Please be specific with your response if you are gracious enough to offer one. I have been searching the forum all morning for the answer to this and I really didn't understand any of the solutions offered to others enough to use those in my own form.

The required fields are:

Social (social security number)




The next question I have is if there is a way to make individual signature fields mandatory if they are digital signatures?

In other words, I don't want the individual to be able to email the form to the next person if he/she hasn't applied their digital signature.

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Saving can always be done, even when mandatory fields are empty.  This is by design.  And that is correct.  Suppose you have a big form and 2 people need to fill it out.  How can you fill out a first part and then send it to the second person without saving.

Same for printing.  Same for your signature fields.

What I would do, is to put a "watermark" on the form that you show on preSave and prePrint if the form is incomplete.  Just a static text on your form.  Then the user will see that they need to do more.  Also, on preSave and prePrint, you can show a warning popup to tell the user about the missing fields.  You can then still cancel their action if the user decides not to save/print anyway.