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I Have Multiple Master Pgs. How Do I Designate What Page Uses Them? My Pagination Tab is Unavailab


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Good Morning,

- I recently began using LiveCycle to design a form for my company. I'm beginning to get the hang of it. However, I'm running into a problem with Master Pages.

- I have a basic understanding of how Master Pages work and I do see on the "Pagination" tab that I am able to determin what page(s) use a paritcular Master Page. However, it's greyed out, so I'm unable to use that section.

Question: Can someone help provide some guidance as to how properly designate what form pages use what Master Pages?

Thanks in advance.



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the usage of master pages isn't trivial, especially when you use mor than one.

The best tipps I know of is the Designer help.

It explains how master pages can be used.




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Got it. Yes, I do see they seem to have pretty well documented instructions. I was just hoping there was something more "dummied down" or maybe even some screencasts NOT on Youtube since my company blocks all of Youtube.

Thank you for the infor radzmar.



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The pagination tab is greyed out when you are Master pages but if you actually click on the page in design view that you want to assign a Master page to (the one you have designed) then from there you should be able to set the pagination.