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How to transfer data from Mobilephone's form to PC's form?


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I'm sorry about the title. The title itself may be hard to understand or even misleading. So I try to explain what is my problem below and hope to find some advices or help about it.

My question is about the Mobile function in LiveCycle ES2.5. LiveCycle ES2.5 could let users start workflow(for example: a approval process) by a mobile device. I think this function could help sellsmen to report customer information(for example: basic information of a customer's offer) more faster and make the whole application precedure faster than before.

I try to make a simple demo to show my thought. My needs are written below

1,  By using iphone, a sellsman write some basic information(such as: name, address, offer number) in a mobile form and submit the information to Data Center and start a approval workflow in Workspace at the same time.

2,  When the specific employee of Data Center opened the workspace, he will notice the new task and open it. At this time, a dedicated offer sheet will be opened and The Most Important Thing is that the information sent by the selssman are filled in the specific items of the sheet. And The Other Items in the sheet should be editable.

3,  The mobile form and the offer sheet are both created by LiveCycle ES2.5.

The most thing I want to do is the second need :   the information sent by the selssman are filled in the same items of the sheet. And the other items in the sheet should be editable.

I faced problem here.I built a mobile form and a offer sheet, then I noticed that if I want to transfer data, I need Data Model embedded with the forms. But mobile form's Data Model is .fml, offer sheet's Data Model is .xsd.  I don't know how to make the two Data Model connected. I also try to only use .fml to embedded the both forms, but as a result, the items in the offer sheet could not be edited.

This is my question, and in fact, my way may not be a good one or even just be wrong.  If you notice that, please fix it or if you think there is much easier to realize my needs, please teach me how to do.

Best wishes.

En Shoku

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Sharing my thoughts:

FML and XSD are just Data Models. Which means, they defines how the data are represented within your form/guide.

But the actual data must be in a XML format only.

I hope its just a matter of transforming the XML data from Guide[Mobile form] to PDF [PC's form].

What do you think?