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How to make a submit button to upload form to the server?


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I'm working on a project that I have to build a simple form for charging and

submit it to the LiveCycle portal site(LC portal site).

I have known how to upload files from LC portal site. But this time I need some

help to make a submit button in the form, that if I press the button, I could send the

form to my account of the LC portal site. In other words, I want to upload files

from the client computers.

I googled and tried to find a sample of it. Unfortunately, I haven't found any useful


Could anyone give me a hint or some advices about it?



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Can you clarify which site you are referring to?

Regardless of the target HTTP server, interactive PDF forms created in LiveCycle Designer have submission options including traditional HTTP name-value pairs, XML, XML+XDP and the PDF itself.



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Thanks for your quick responding.

I am afraid the "portal site" brings some ambiguousness.

The image of what I want to do is to upload a form to the web application server,

and make it be shown up in the LiveCycle Contentspace site. As a user, when I

login in My Home, I could find the form which I submitted.

The LiveCycle Contentspace site URL is like this.


Is it possible?