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How to identify last user who participate in a stalled process?


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We are facing the following problem...

When a long lived process instance get stalled due to an unhandled exception, how can we identify the last user who participate in that instance?...

We want to give a task for that user that informs that the process is stalled... is this possible? how we can achieve that?...

Thanks in advance...

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Level 10

This is possible with some data retrieval tweaks.

tb_process_instance table has a column named 'status' which shows you various status of the process isntance including 'stalled'.

tb_task table contains all the tasks created. You can filter the items based on given process id (column name is process_instance_id).

retrieve the largest value of id column from within the filtered list.

There is a column named completed_by which contains the oid of the user who completed the task. This is the recent user who worked on the stalled process.

Note: If you would like to retrieve the user name/email or other info, get details from EDCPRINCIPALUSERENTITY table.