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How to Highlight Fields in a dynamically repeatable subform?


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Hi team ,

I have Problem in highlighting the fields in a dynamically repeatable subform. Sub form will have min count = 1 and max Count =20 and subform is flow able.each subform is flow able .

I have to check only two fields in a subform whether they are null or empty . If the fields are empty or null then i have to highlight the fields .

Below scripting is not working as per the requirement .

I have written the below scripting  on click event of a button.

function Test()


var cnt = subform1.subform2.subform3.instanceManager.count;

for(var i =0;i <= cnt;i++)


                var vAccnt = subform1.subform2.resolveNode("subform3["+ i +"]").txtfldAccnt.rawValue;

                var vAmount= subform1.subform2.resolveNode("subform3["+ i +"]").txtfldAmount.rawValue;

                if(vAccnt == "" || vAccnt == null)


                                var vName = Page1.WorkArea.GLDistribution.sfrmGLDistribution.sfrmDistribution.txtfldGLAccnt.somExpression;

                                var fieldObj = xfa.resolveNode(vName + ".ui.#textEdit.border.fill.color");

                                fieldObj.value = "255,0,0"; 

                }   }}

Please help me How i can solve this problem.

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There is a space in the expression "somExpres sion".

Just remove the space and try. I don't see any other problem in your logic.