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How to highlight and copy and paste into Microsoft Word


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I am having a couple issues with a pdf I have created.

I have a series of text boxes that move the text to another box after they type in it. So, it bounces the text into another box at the bottom of the form and sort of compiles all their answers.

However, I am having trouble highlighting the text in the bottom box.

The biggest issue is that when I do copy and paste the information in the bottom box into Microsoft Word it screws up all the indentation and formatting.

In other words, if I type a paragraph into the box and that paragraph bounces down to the bottom box, I want to copy and paste that bottom box into Microsoft word without it messing up the format.

Is this possible.

Thanks for all your help.

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Have you tried defining the field format on the bottom box as RichText?



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Where would I set that? I dont see anywhere to select Rich Text?


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The box at the bottom is not a text field - it is a text box. I know how to bounce the text to a text box, but I do not think I can bounce the text from one text field to another text field.


Is that possible? If so, I would love to know how to do it.


Right now, I have several text fields compiling into one text box and I cant figure out how to get that text box to copy and paste correctly,.


If I can compile several tet fields to another text field I would love to know how?