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Hi Everyone, I've scoured the internet looking for an answer to this, but unable to find anything that helps me.

All the forms I have created were created using LiveCycle Designer ES2 - All the forms that are currently published contain a submit button, and forms are submitted to an email address. Some forms arrive at their destination email address with [WARNING: MESSAGE ENCRYPTED] in the subject heading. Is there anyone out there that can tell me:

1) What causes this [WARNING: MESSAGE ENCRYPTED] to appear in the subject once received by the recipient?

2) Why does it only seem to be occuring for some of the forms I have created, and not all?

3) Is there anything that can be done within LiveCycle to prevent this from happening, or to prevent the message from being encrypted, hence stopping this from happening?

Thanks everyone.

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Level 10

I'd not heard of it but just did a search and it appears to be added by some anti-virus email scanners probably because of the file attachment.

So it has nothing really to do with LiveCycle but the email system being used to send the email.