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How to force the bookmark tree to autoexpand upon open


Level 2

If I add bookmarks to a PDF via Acrobat, the PDF opens with all bookmarks expanded (on the bookmark panel).

Now, I am using LCES AssemberServices to build a PDF with bookmarks. Everything works fine but that PDF opens will the bookmark tree collapsed to the first level.

Is there a trick, a special parameter/property/attribute on the DDX or Bookmarks so the result PDF opens with the bookmark tree fully expanded? I could not find anything in the documentation.



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Level 10

I think you might have to put some script in the form to open the bookmarks.

See the Acrobat SDK.



Level 2

I tried to add some javascript to open bookmarks but it does not seem

to work.

If I do:

var bmk = this.bookmarks.children[0];

bmk.open = true;

nothing happens, the first bookmark does not open, although the

documentation says it should

Also, as I mentioned. If I open an AssemblerServices build PDF with

AcrobatPro 9, add a bookmark (any, to anywhere) and save it, next time

I open that PDF, the bookmarks auto-expand.

So I presume Acrobat does change some setting somewhere that does the


Thus there is probably a setting somewhere in a PDF that forces

bookmarks to auto-expand. Maybe that is not exposed to the Assembler :-




Level 2

I did some further research on the behavioral differences between an Assembler build PDF bookmarks and ones added thru AcrobatPro and noticed something very strange.

When I open the Assembler built PDF with Reader (9), the Bookmarks Action->"Expand Top levels bookmarks" does nothing, nothing gets expanded. It works when you manually expand a node, but not when you ask Reader to expand them all.

If I take the exact same PDF with AcrobatPro (9) and add a new bookmark deep down into one of the bookmarks tree branch I get this:

- the document opens with the entire tree containing that bookmark already open

- the expand/collapse top level actions work only on that part of the tree and even weirder, the tree opens to the new bookmark level, no matter how deep it is

- it is as if none of the Assembler built bookmarks bear any 'level' info, and are thus ignored by the expand/collapse commands.

Does that indicate something I'm not doing right?