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How to enable a forms made on Acrobat Pro DC generate dynamic bar-code on free acrobat reader


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How to enable a forms made on Acrobat Pro DC, able dynamic bar-code to work on free acrobat reader.

I made form on Acrobat Pro DC and insert fillable fields. I also include a dynamic bar-code. Nevertheless, in the free acrobat reader, the bar-code disappear when someone start to fill the form. The bar-code remain disappear even after fill in and saving of that form.

How to solve this issue?

Does Pro DC require a Bar-code Reader Extensions? if yes, link that product please.


Reader Extensionsforms.jpg

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Hi davidr92100037,

Sorry for the delay in response.

The form needs to be reader extended through LiveCycle RE for paper form Barcodes to work in Adobe reader.

The Reader Extensions function in Acrobat Professional does not include enabling an interactive PDF form for the PaperFormsBarcode object.

The barcode turns grey in Reader because the form does not have the barcode right. On the other hand, any version of Acrobat provides barcode encoding. If you want to distribute a barcoded form for Reader clients, you must use LiveCycle Reader Extensions to apply a barcode right.

Reference article for more details: Adobe LiveCycle ES4 * Design tips for using a paper forms barcode

Let us know if that helps.

-Tariq Dar.


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Alright. Please tell us how can we use LiveCycle Reader Extensions. Also please share the download link. Thanks.


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Buy "LiveCycle Reader Extensions", install it, read the documentation, and use the software.


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Dear Berndt,

Is it possible to create such a dynamic QRcode with Adobe Livecyle AND to add javascript into the PDF (acroform) with Acrobat DC?

Or do you know a QR code generator library that can be used in an acroform with javascript (xyz.js file or specific script), free or to buy?

Thanks in advance.