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How to convert form guide to pdf directly.


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My requirement is  ::  User enters details into form guide  and  form guide will be submitted for subsequent  approvals. Once all the approvals done, I need to archive  all the entered data into pdf and store that into contentspace.

As  mentioned in help  at  ::  http://help.adobe.com/en_US/livecycle/9.0/workbenchHelp/help.html?topic=000731&topic=000730,  Createing Form  guides  using LC workbench ES2 ->  Including the pdf  document with form guide,

I created pdf templates for  each form guide ( for 6 now  but i  have 60 form guides to create) . I am rendering  the each form guide and getting  the xml and  putting the xml data  on the  created pdf templates  by using some activities.

Do we need to have  one pdf  for each form guide  to  archive the data ?.

Is there any activity to convert the form guide to  pdf directly ?.

Please  let me know  solulation  for this req. It reduces much of my work.



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The PDF is really independent from the Guide. The only thing the PDF cares about is the data you're going to merge with it.

If all your Guides use a similar data structure, there's no reason why you can't use the same PDF. If the data is very different, then it'll be hard to represent the data from all the Guides in one PDF.

Are you using LiveCycle ES 8.2.x or ES2?



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Hi  Jasmin,

Thanks for your reply.

The  data is  very  much   variant   from each pdf.

FYI  I am using ES2.

Is there any activity to convert form guide to  pdf directly ?.