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Simple question that I can't seem to find an answer to. I'm building a PDF form using LiveCycle. I have some radio buttons. When I select a particular radio button, I want it to also select/toggle a checkbox, called "checkbox1" for example. I assume that I need to do this in a script. How do I toggle a PDF form checkbox in Javascript?

form1.Body.RadioButton1::click - (javascript, client)

// Toggle form1.Body.checkbox1

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Hi there, usually checkboxes have the value by default of 0 and 1 as strings : "0" & "1"

Some times checkboxes have different value either because you changed it or it was implemented by another program...

To make sure you want to check a checkbox, the code that will work at any time would be the following

but normally if the value of your checbox is 1 and 0, you can just use this :