How to add button to insert duplicate page in form



Hi All,

I am trying to modify an existing form so that a page can be duplicated by clicking a button. Basically, the form is for a maintenance report and if there are multiple machines being maintained then I would like the user to be able to insert the duplicated pages of the service report required to add the other machines on to the report.

Is this easy to do?

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Well, principally this is easy. You'll have to make your form flowed and use at least one repeatable subform.

For example: The form contains a subform 'MyPages' which has a flowed layout and contain one subform 'PageToRepeat' that represents the real page of the form with all the fields etc. This subform has to be set to be repeatable under Binding Tab of the Object palette. A button now can add new instances of 'PageToRepeat' with a short script: