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How do I remove the Submit Form button?


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I am using Acrobat Pro 9 with LiveCycle. I have created an interactive form and did not include a button to e-mail the form. When the distributed form is opened, there is a purple bar across the top with instructions to click "Submit Form" and  "Highlight Fields" and "Submit Form" buttons. I do not want this form e-mailed back to me. It just needs to be saved by the user and uploaded at a later time. Saving it after the user fills in the fields is not the issue. That is working fine. But the user may be confused by a button saying they should submit the form. Plus it is my e-mail address in the field and I don't want all these forms showing up in my e-mail box. This happens whether I choose to distribute it with "Automatically download..." or "Manually collect..."

Does anyone know what can be done to prevent the form from displaying the "Submit Form" button?

Also, one user did get get a warning when saving about that not being the optimal way to send the data. I believe it said to press submit form. I'm sorry, I was not relayed the exact warning, but it was something to that effect. It did, however, save correctly.

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The purple bar/highlight fields cannot be removed if the form is interactive.  The submit by email can be removed when the form is opened in LC Designer.


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Here is the dirty solution I used:

Published blank page from MS Office to PDF

Opened my form in LS Designer

Opened the blank page in LS Designer

Copied all of the fields from the form to the form to the blank page.

No more Submit button.


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Pzaidel: YOU are a freakin genius. Great suggestion-worked perfectly! Here's how I did it with a form created in Indesign:

Do entire backgrnd layout in Indesign-convert to regular PDF.

Open New doc in LC-standard way-create all fields.

After completion when you open it in Adobe Acrobat, you will see the "Submit Form" at the top next to "Highlight existing fields".

Go back to your LiveCycle doc and:

Highlight and ctrl+c copy all fields onto clipboard. [I don't think there is an option to copy fields anywhere within LC]

Do as Pzaidel suggests above: create new LC form [you cannot avoid selecting interactive form....but didn't seem to matter].

Import your PDF layout from InDesign [or word].

THEN Paste all fields back into form.

TA DA! No submit button.

AND after importing and placing all fields, I even included a print button that works on the bottom of the form so anyone could see-it must be printed and cannot be submitted-at least by a button.

Thanks so much for the fix!!


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If you need to hide the recipient e-mail address, then you could submit to a server-side script (ASP.net), and have the form data send to the recipients.

For more information:



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I've also struggled with this exact problem and offer the following solution that has taken many hours of research.  I'm using Acrobat Pro DC and LiveCycle ES4 (and also works with LC2):

  1. Within LC save the form in a repository location
  2. Open the saved form in Acrobat DC Pro
  3. Go to File>Create Form within Acrobat DC Pro. 
  4. Select file that is automatically loaded >
    Click Start.   Prompt appears “You are about to edit a
    distributed form.  Please save with new
    filename before editing it”
  5. Save using a new file name
  6. Message:
    Error > "cannot edit form - use LiveCycle Designer".
  7. Click OK.
    This removes the Document bar at the top of the form
  8. Click File>Save As Other>Reader Extended PDF>Enable More Tools

This creates a stand-alone, non-distributed-enabled form that can placed in a server for anyone with access to download, modify, save and store in whatever location they want without having the form "calling home".