Help with flowed forms in PDF Static format

robinh2668454 25-02-2016

Help!  I have developed a form that has a flowed format so that the information can be expanded as needed.  The document is required to be 508 compliant so I'm being told that in order to do that along with everything else, we have to export it to a PDF Static format so that tags are a part of the document.  Unfortunately, when I save the document as a PDF Static document, the flow no longer works.  HELP!  Do I have to manually add tags to a regular XML form and if so, is there a way to do that easily?

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Hi, I haven't done any 508 compliance but have done some WCAG 2 and haven't needed the tags to appear in the Acrobat.  I'd be trying to get a second opinion.  If Jaws or NVDA or whatever works ok then who cares if Acrobat shows the tags?  Bruce

robinh2668454 26-02-2016

Yes, that's the format that works correctly with the flowed form, but according to the 508 compliance folks here where I work if I save it that way, the tags don't appear in the pdf document and that's required to make it 508 compliant.  if I save it as static pdf, the tags are there but the flow doesn't work.



Have you tested the dynamic version, the tags aren't visible in the same way in Acrobat for a dynamic form, but the assistive technologies still seem to work.