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Help!!! LC designer 8.2 and properties access in Adobe Pro 9


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I have made a PDF in Designer but when i saved it and opened it with Adobe Pro 9, i don't have anymore Access to the page Properties./Initial view even if there is no protection on the PDF. and i need to keep an access to hide the "purple taskbar" where there is the "Sent" button.

Adobe put this button when you are using Acrobat.com to diffuse your PDF

i don't want it when we open the PDF with Reader

Do you know how to keep an access or to disable this taskbar


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The banner at the top of the screen is called the Document Message Bar (DMB), it is purple for forms, and blue for certified or signed documents.

The document message bar can only be turned off by changing the program preferences.  You can NOT script the DMB per form.

In Acrobat or Reader, you can go to Edit --> Preferences, Locate the Forms category and check the box "Always hide forms document message bar".  Turning this off in Acrobat does not turn it off in Reader, each applications preferences are independent.