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Formcalc time calculation


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I'm trying to design a from in adobe livecycle cs2, the from has a table 5 rows,with column "start time" "end time" "hours work" and footer row with column "total time". I need to get for each row hours work answer (end time - start time) no problem, I cant get the hours worked to add up to give me total time answer! Can someboddy please help me

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I am not experienced so much in scripting,

I have table with "Start time", Finish time" and "Working time" columns.

For each row working time is calculated separately and then here is my Formcalc for total time

var t_t = 0

if (Table1.Row[*].Working_time > 0) then

t_t = (Sum(Table1.Row[*].Working_time))

Total_time = Concat(t_t, " h")


Total_time = ""