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Font Issue in Form created in LiveCycle Designer ES2


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I have a PDF form that was created originally from Word's Acrobat conversion tool. Now I need to add functionality thru LiveCycle ES2 and have imported the form into LiveCycle.

There is a set of text running down the side which indicates it is Times New Roman (In LiveCycle). I have made the changes but have not touched this text at all.  The form is saved as a Static PDF.

When opened in Full Acrobat or Reader, the text running down the side is no longer in Times New Roman, but Myriad Pro.  I don't understand why LiveCycle is changing the font on text that I did

not edit at all. 

My Livecycle Form Properties are set to Embed Fonts.

Trying to understand what is going on with this font and any help would be appreciated as I've racked my brain all afternoon on this trying different things.

(As part of my troubleshooting process, I reviewed the original Acrobat form and in Acrobat that same text indicates the original font used for that text was Times New Roman PSMT and if you wanted to edit it, Acrobat would substitute Times New Roman. Not sure if this helps but thought I'd mention this....)


My original process above was to import the PDF into LiveCycle to Dynamic XML. The text would appear as Times New Roman but after adding functionality and saving, Livecycle continued to convert the text from Times New Roman to Myriad Pro. Embedding fonts and checking substitution list did not resolve.

After spending the day trying to get LiveCycle to save the PDF and keep the problem text in Times New Roman, I finally reimported the original Acrobat PDF form into Livecycle all over again but this time as a Fixed Page Layout, where the document gets imported as artwork and cannot be edited. I then added functionality in Livecycle and resaved. 

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