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field value from master page


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I have print form with the layout like this


Sorry about the mixed languages

Problem is in these Erittely-masterpages.

Erittely_etusivu has restriction 1, and content will overflow to Erittely_next which can occur n times.

This combination can exist n times.

Now I need to fetch value from a field from Erittely_etusivu into corresponding field on Erittely_next.

With this I get the value

var jeps = xfa.resolveNode("form..Erittely_etusivu.Headeri.INVOICE_NO_E");

this.rawValue  = jeps.rawValue;

but it is always the field value from the first Erittely_etusivu.

How can I get the value of the n:th INVOICE_NO_E-field? Like using the current pagenumber -1.

I tried using index but received nothing.


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Hi All,

I really need to have a solution to this one. Anyone? Ideas?

Here you can download demo of the form to get better idea.

Bundle.pdf - Google Drive

As you can see page 10 has null value with the coding (need to have same values as page 9),

this.rawValue = xfa.resolveNodes("xfa.form.data.pageSet.erittely_set.Erittely_etusivu.Headeri[9].INVOICE_NO_E").rawValue + "9";

also reference to parent does not work,

this.rawValue = this.parent.INVOICE_NO.rawValue + "9";

(nine is just to see that somethig is happening)

Do I have to redesign the form even though the result at the moment is what´s needed.