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Email Submission Button not recognizing email address


Level 2

I have generated several Fillable Forms using Adobe LiveCycle.

I have placed a Button on the page and added the follow Script under Click.

The same script was used on a prior page and works fine but this page will not recognize the email address, error message shown at bottom of page.

I have opened the page using Adobe Acrobat XI Pro and saved as Save as other, Reader extended, Enable More Tools.

Script used:

form1.Data.Button1::click - (JavaScript, client)

// This is the form return e-mail. Its hardcoded

// so that the form is always returned to the same address

// Change address on your form

var cTo = "123@123.com";

// First, get the client CC e-mail address

var cCCAddr = xfa.resolveNode("ClientEmail").rawValue;

console.println("Client: " + cCCAddr);

// Now get the beneficiary e-mail only if it is filled out

var cBenAddr = xfa.resolveNode("BennyEmail").rawValue;

console.println("Benny: " + cBenAddr);

if(cBenAddr != "")

    cCCAddr += ";" + cBenAddr;

// Set the subject and body text for the e-mail message

var pn = xfa.resolveNode("polisnummer").rawValue;

var cSubLine = "Form X-1 returned from client " + pn;

var cBody = "Thank you for submitting your form.\nSave the mail attachment for your own records";

// Send the form data as an PDF attachment on an e-mail


      bUI: false,

      cTo: cToAddr,

      cCc: cCCAddr,

      cSubject: cSubLine,

      cMsg: cBody,


Error Message:

TypeError: xfa.resolveNode("ClientEmail") is null


does anyone have a possible solutions?

Dean R

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