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Edit Hyperlink - Not opening an URL in new Window


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Hi Team, I am trying to change a normal text as hyperlink via Adobe LCD for a SAP Solution.

As you know I can select any text and right click on it to make that as hyperlink via Edit Hyperlink. We will get an option to enter URL on the popup. I entered the URL as: http://www.google.com.  After I save and execute it, it opens the URL, I am happy with that. But It opens the URL in the same window, instead I want to open the window in new window.

I requirement is that, URL needs to get opened in new window, so can you all guide me on how to do that.

Note: I am trying to do this, because it is a view form where I have link in it and by clicking it, I need to achieve the same. We do not have any licence for Interactive forms.

Thank you


Nizamudeen SM

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If you can use a button, with no background or border, then you can use the script app.launchURL("http://www.google.com/", true); in the click event.

You can wrap the text and button in a positioned subform, so you should be able to position the button were you need it.

This approach will fail the accessibility standards, if that is important.