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Drop-down list is crashing my interactive PDF document


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Hello, I'm using LiveCycle Designer 7.0 on Windows XP.

I'm attempting to create some simple editable PDF documents for use by my security staff.

I've created the forms and most fields work correctly, except for a simple drop-down list field with about 15 choices. When the pdf is called up from Windows and the user reaches that field (either by tabbing to it or clicking on it), the entire pdf crashes; the user is booted out and the pdf closes. The "debug" option doesn't seem to fix anything.

When I test-run the pdf in Designer, the field seems to work OK. The problem is happening when we open the pdf from Windows.

I've deleted and rebuilt this field twice, with the same result.

I'm an Adobe noob and am nowhere near sophisticated enough to employ JavaScript or other behind the scenes programming; I'm just using the basic features of Designer.

Please help, I'm stuck and don't know how to troubleshoot this problem.

Thanks in advance to anyone who may be able to point me in the right direction. Remember, I'm a noob, so single syllable words are probably best.

RJinNorCal | 11/7/2011

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If you can share your document then I can have a look at it.

Steps to share a document..

1. Go to URL http://Acrobat.com
2. Create an account if you don't have one.
3. Then login to the website.
4. In top left corner you will see a button called Upload.
5. Click on browse and select the file you want to upload.
6. After Uploading, mouse over on the uploaded file. Click the down arrow button and choose Share document.
7. Then you will be prompted a popup window at the lower left corner. Choose "Publish it" option.
8. In the next pop up window choose "Copy Link" option.
9. You can paste the link in the forum thread.




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Hello Srini,

Thanks very much for your gracious offer. I did a bit more research

yesterday after posting my issue on the forum, and based on a similar

thread, I saved my document as a static PDF instead of a dynamic PDF.

That seems to have done the trick; all fields now work correctly without


I will still be happy to share the document with you, but my current IE8

browser is having problems with accessing the specific website; it keeps

crashing/recovering the tab. My IT department knows about this issue and

is working to address it. At any rate, since my problem seems to be

fixed, I'm sure you have other pressing matters to attend to, but thanks

again for providing support! I will be sure to come back to the forums

if I encounter any other problems I cannot resolve.


R.J. Richards

Administrative Services Officer II

County of Sacramento, Department of Health & Human Services

Departmental Administration, Management Services

E: richardsrj@saccounty.net D: 916-875-1232 C: 916-416-8550 F:


Intranet: http://dhhsweb/default.aspx?WOID=FAC

Internet: http://www.sacdhhs.com


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Here is a link to the document:


As I said in my last post, I think I've solved my problem but I would appreciate any tips to make this form idiot-proof (referring to myself, of course)




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    Good to know that your issue is resolved..    

    Your form looks nice.. After going thru the form, few things to share.   

     Refer to the re-organized form.



    1) Designer has a custom field called Page n of m which will automatically display the page numbers. You do not have to manually type the page numbers. I added this to master page.

     2) Also the header section better to placed in the master page. So it can repeat in all the pages.

     3) Though you are allowing multiple lines to each of the observation field, you are not allowing the field to expand based on the text entered. This is the property under Layout tab , "Expand to Fit". But you need to place the field in a flowed subform to expand the page based on the amount of text. - I re-arranged the field so that now, if you enter more text to Observation, the fields below will be pushed down.