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Delete Character in Previuos Field?


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Looking to delete a character ina previous field.

Right now I have a "change" event set in a form... when my co-worker enters a character in a field—it automatically goes to the next field, but if they hit backspace it does nothing.  I would like it if they hit backspace it would delete the character from the previous field.

Additionally, if they manually select a character to delete—instead of it deleting the character and staying in the same field, it deletes the character and then goes to the next filed because of that change event I have set.  Any solution for this?

Please see form below for a better visual.

Item Master 6-15-11.jpg

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I don't believe that you can detect the backspace operation.

I see hat you are trying to achieve from the screenshot and previous discussions. However I would strongly recommend that you take the multiple objects per field and replacce them with a single field.

You could use a combed field if that helps, but using multple fields (eg one for each character) is going to make data entry very difficult.

Probably not what you want to hear, but it would be my only advice in this case.