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Date comparison adobe livecycle designer. Calibration is within 1 year check but not greater


Level 2

//vDate1.formattedValue = util.printd("yyyymmdd",Date());

if(vDate2.rawValue <> null and vDate1.rawValue <> null)then

if(vDate2.rawValue < vDate1.rawValue) then

xfa.host.messageBox("Please check your meter calibration due date.  It cannot be before

the survey date or greater than one year beyond the calibration date!", "Date Checker", 3)

$.rawValue = ""

// to set focus to the End Date field




I need to add a check in there that compares VDate1 to VDate2

VDATE1 is a date a survey meter was used to do work..

VDATE2 is the date the meter was last calibrated. It is required to be calibrated every year.

The date of work has to be within one year of the calibration date or the work is invalid.

The calibration expires every year so a future date greater than one year is also incorrect.

How do i verify the calibration date is within one year of the work done but not greater than one year due?

Right now I am just checking the calibration date is ahead of the work done but now I need to generate an error if the calibration  date is greater than 1 year apart in future as well.

Thank you guys for any insight to the proper code. I never could get that formatted value to work either so I commented it out.


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