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customize no network connection/access alert box


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For the two situations below, I want to get a system dialog box, and customize its text; or simply hide its dialog box, capture the returned error code, and fit into my new dialog box.


Adobe LiveCycle ES4 * Network Connection Not Found dialog box

I disconnect the network, and click a text with hyperlink in my form, it simply opens the link in a browser. How can I even see the dialog box according to the document above?


Drop Down List with a JSON object binding

How to send user id and password to SAP portal and get the status back

The form is retrieving some JSON data from server. I've verified the method in these two links and they work.

I make a form with get("some url"); in formcalc or launchURL in javascript at form ready event. If there's network connection, it returns a simple JSON object. If there's no network access, when the form opens it keeps loading, at timeout it pops up a dialog box with some HTML code, and then can I see the normal form. I want to avoid this loading process.

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