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Custom Page Numbering


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I created a flowed document in LiveCycle Designer ES that has to end pages that are not flow, but continue to be pushed down as the document grows, based on text input in the first few pages.  The last two pages don't need page numbers. That I have handled just fine. HR has asked me to have the page numbers display only up to the these last two pages, but not include the numbering.

As an example, let's say the entire form, before data input is 6 pages long, including the last two pages. Let's assume first that the user has input all the data and no extra pages were, which means there are still 6 pages in the document.  The last two pages may or may not get printed once the data entry is done.  The first four pages are the only ones which will go into employee records. Currently, the page numbers on the first four pages would read 1 of 6, 2 of 6, etc.  When these first four pages are separated from the last two pages, which need to accompany the first four pages when emailed to upper management, the numbering in the pages in the HR files makes it look like the packet is missing two pages.

HR wants the page numbers to read 1 of 4, 2 of 4, etc., so that when the last two pages are separated from the packed after printing it doesn't look like two pages are missing.  If there is a way to keep the last two pages in the PDF document, but alter the numbering on the first pages so that it doesn't count the last two pages, that would be great. I have another solution that would separate the first pages from the last two pages, but HR would prefer to keep everything in one PDF file.

It hope that all of this makes sense.  If anyone in this community know of a way to make this happen I would be very appreciative.


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I am assuming you have your page numbers on a master page.

You will need to have different master pages, those with page numbers and those without. For the pages without page numbers, go to Object > Pagination and uncheck Include Page in Numbering. That should exclude it from the total count.



Just a bit extra....

If you dont know how to assign a different master page to the other pages.

On your form page, go to Object > Pagination > Place Menu > On Page > YourMasterPage


After setting this, the page will use a different Master that you selected.