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Creating forms in Workbench


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I am fairly new to LiveCycle Workbench ES so this might sound like a dumb question.  But, is it better to create my Adobe forms in LiveCycle Designer first and then bring them into LiveCycle Workbench ES? or is it best to start the whole process using WorkBench ES only?

The reason I am asking is because I use a custom template for all of my interactive Adobe forms.  I have not found a way to apply that custom template to a form if I create it in Workbench.  So what I have been doing instead is creating the form in LiveCycle Designer and then bringing it into LiveCycle Workbench by simply dragging and dropping.  I then use WorkBench just to build my processes for that form.  Is this a good way to do it?

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The end result will be the same: an XDP within an application.

If you use the Designer embedded in Workbench, then you'll get some advantages, like versionning, it'll check-out the file automatically for you, you can access resources (images, fragments) from within the application,etc.

However, there's nothing wrong in using the stand alone Designer dragging the file manually.

We're just trying to keep the developer in the same development environment as much as possible.