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Create "answer guide" using object binding values?


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I have a form that is coded and pretty much ready to go, except the project lead person wants to know if it’s possible to export a sort of “answer guide” from the form.

For instance, a question variable is Q1.  The responses for this question are Yes, No, or NA having values of 1, 0, and -1, respectively.  In another question, there is a response that is Don’t Know, also having a value of -1.  We want to create an answer key that would shows all the possible instances where the value is -1 (in this case, NA, Don’t know, etc.).

Basically, it would be like extracting the object binding values along with the possible corresponding responses.  Is this doable?

Everything I have already tried says no, but I just need to be sure.  I'm learning this program as I go along, so any guidance would be extremely helpful.


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It is possible. These might help:



I am gone now for the next fews days and will not ba able to prepare a specific example.

Hope they help,