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Could not clean working directory in adobe configuration manager


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When i start configuration manager of adobe LC, I am able to process configuration for the first time. but when i exit and open it again. Then while clicking on configure button i am getting "could not clean working directory".

So due to this error i have to remove LC installation and install it again.

I dont want to re-install LC again if this configuration issue comes.

Please let me know why this is coming. is there any directory which can be cleaned manulally.

could not clean working directory.JPG

Please let me know how can i avoid re-installation of LC to avoid this configuration error.



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Level 3

Hi Sunil,

The 'working' directory is located inside <LiveCycle ES2 Root>/configurationManager folder

Please exit LiveCycle Configuration Manager, clean this directory manually and try to re-launch configuration manager.

Also, make sure that no other application (for example, anti virus etc) is accessing this directory while LiveCycle Configuration Manager is running.




Level 1

I've encountered this error before on LC ES Update 1.  I tried the same action of deleting the working folder inside <LC Root>/configurationManager, but that suggestion didn't work.  I had to uninstall the Adobe LiveCycle application to get past the problem.  Here are the details of my environment at the time of error Windows 2003 (32-bit), WebLogic 9.2 MP3 (32-bit), JRockit 27.4 (1.5.0_12), and Oracle 10g.


Level 1

The above error can occur if you have insufficient rights.

I faced the same error on Win 2k8 while running the installed using the Local System Admin account.

The Same was resolved by the following steps:


Go to the AdobeLivecycleES3 root folder> ConfigurationManager>bin

Right click on teh configurationManager (BATCH File) and click on "Run as Administrator".