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Convertion from pdf is really bad


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Hi !

First, i m pretty ignorant in making pdf form...

I need to make an interractive form from a pdf file (25 pages) given by a friend.

he gave me 2 version of the file, a 'normal' pdf and one in form version (without any calcul or interractivity).

(but it lacks 3 fonts)

I tried to make it with Acrobat :

with both version of the file,

i c'ant find all the events i need in 'Action' tab when i try to add some code on a textBox like 'change', 'docReady'...

But the way i can make the form is really good. In fact i only need to add textbox, radiobutton... i don't want to edit text.

With LiveCycle i create a new document from the pdf and i select interractive. i need to change tooltip, visibility of objects..., wich can t be done with non interractive form (if i understand correctly ?).

my problem is that the converted file is really bad, the convertion log contains a lot of errors.

and it will take me a lot of time to correct, adapt it, plus, images are pixelised ( why ??).

My questons :

Can i make interractive form without converting the document ? like with Acrobat or non interractive forms ?

Is there a way to have a source file instead of the pdf ? wich contains images, fields... so there will be no convertion.

Thanx for reading

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