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Convert Forms from Adobe Indesign to LiveCycle Design & software?


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Hi, I have all my forms in Adobe Indesign CS5 but I really don't want the forms having two different files, i.e. one in Indesign, convert to pdf into Adobe Pro 9 and make writeable. I just want one file to avoid error as I have numerous files (1,000+) so I want to bring this into one platform, Adobe LiveCycle Designer using templates, fragments etc.

Is this a good idea as I have no xml, java knowledge. I am a graphic designer with some knowledge of HTML and CSS. Would I pick up the LiveCycle program quick enough with some help, courses on coding?

Also, what software would I need, would I just need Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES3, is this the latest version? The forms will need to be opened by Joe Bloggs on any electronic device, pc, mobile devices etc, filled in and saved, print or submitted. Eventually we will will want our data to go into our systems but for now, baby steps, just want to work off one platform.

Any help is much appreciated with this.


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hey, could you find a solution?

i'm facing the same problem right now...