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Connectnow addin does not work when app on remote server


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have got flex application that is using LCCS screensharing with ScreenSharePublisher/subscriber. Everything works fine when I run my application from flash builder or run it directly through the browser on my local machine. Addin gets loaded, I can choose which monitor/application/winow I want to share and other application instance can subscribe to my stream. This works fine until I upload my application on ftp server and try to make it work the same. I upload whole bin-debug folder to my ftp server. After running the application from remote web server, connectnow addin gets started but everything I get is an icon in taskbar. I don't get this little popup window with screensharing options so I can't get screen sharing working. Only thing I can is to shutt down the connectnow addin manually. Everything works fine again when I run my application from local machine.

Thanks for replies.

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I can add that in the same application, video and audio streaming thru rtmfp works fine.


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Ok i figured it out, strange though. Addin works when i specify fully qualified domain name for my server eg. http://www.domain.com/screen.html. It does not work when url is domain.com/screen.html.

However I got another question. When I publish my screen, I catch streamreceive event on streammanager. Yet I can't recognize whether published stream is mine or not. I would like to subcribe to stream only if it is not my own.  do following check

if (e.streamDescriptor.streamPublisherID != sess.userManager.myUserID)

but it turns out that streamPublisherID does not equal myUserID when stream is published from my applicatin instance.


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Yes this is a known issue due to a server side bug that happened due to some changes in new player configurations. We have already fixed the bug, but since it’s a server side update, we will do a update release on 9-10 december , that will have all fixes. For now you can just check if screenshare id is null, don't do the check such as if (e.streamDescriptor.streamPublisherID != sess.userManager.myUserID), but my suggestion would be to wait a few days.

Here is a tentative list of issues in screen share that are getting fixed in the coming release.


Hope this helps


Hironmay Basu


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Thank you for reply, but could you give me further instructions how to perform such check. I would like to recognize wheter screensharing stream is mine or does it come from other user. What do you mean by checking if stream id is null? I debugged my app and can't find any streamDescriptor property that would give me such informaton. It would be very helpful because I have got performance tests scheduled next week.