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Complete button in chrome isn't being suppressed after using renderPDFForm service


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Hi, I have a process that passes a form for signature to different users. There are two options in the form to either send it to a user who is in process or to email the document as a PDF attachment to someone who is outside the process for signature. They open the form, sign (save locally) and reply to the email which is picked up by an email endpoint and reintroduced into the process. However, the complete button in the chrome, which is usually suppressed through the visible button referencing hidden submit button technique, is not being suppressed when the next user in the process receives it through email. If the steps are all in process through workspace, this issue doesn't occur. I've discovered that after applying the renderPDFForm service converting the XDP to a PDF for signature will cause this issue to happen (it's never used in process just in the email process). I've had few different people look at this and we can't seem to discover a solution. Are some buttons being hidden so they aren't recognized? Are somehow the process fields causing an issue? Any help or comments would be appreciated. Thanks. Falken

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