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Cascading Drop-down problem


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Dear All,

I hope that somebody would be able to assist me.

I am very new to any type of script writing.

I have a drop-down list (cboProgramme) that currently has two items in it.  I have a dynamic table (ModulesComplted) with 3 columns (Module, Result & Add). In the body of the table under module i have drop-down list(cboModule).The idea is that the Programme drop-down will populate the modules.  The script that I use is on exit" of cboProgramme is :


switch (this.rawValue){

case "1":

  cboModule.addItem("Brand Management 3 (HBRD 3)");

  cboModule.addItem("Business Management 3 (HBMN 3)");


case "2":

  cboModule.addItem("Applied Psychology 1 (HAPS1)");

  cboModule.addItem("Care and Support for the Affected and Infected 1 (HHACS1)");



When I was testing and I had the two drop-down boxes in an blank form it worked fine. Where have I gone wrong?


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