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Can XML data overflowed from one form be displayed in another form?


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I am working with a form in LC Designer 9 ES2 that displays data that is bound from an XML file.

On the form there is an area for 12 records in an allotted space. If there are more than 12 records to display from the XML file, I have to display the remaining records on a seperate form. I'm using the instanceManager.count to count the records for a conditional break, but in the conditional break options I can only select a content area or page within the orginal template for the overflow. Is it possible to send the overflow to a seperate form? Or do I have to make that seperate form a part of my original form? Should I be using a different approach?

Any ideas or feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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The Layout of the form is based on the order of the data in the input stream. So if you have 20 records and you only display 12 and want the overflow, they will appear on the next page in the document. You cannot goto an overflow page then come back and continue. You could let the table expand fully then after layout move that page to the end but it will take a fair amount of intense coding to do it. If you are not code savvy do not even try it.