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Can only 'Save As..." Secured LiveCycle form after already "Saving As..."


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Hi Everyone, I have come up empty on a solution to my issue.

• I have a form created in LiveCycle, and it is set up with a document edit password, to prevent editing in LiveCycle Designer. (Printing Allowed: High Resolution and Changes Allowed: Any except extracting pages)

• The form has been reader extended.


• When filling the form in Adobe Reader, the form must be "Saved As...". I've been testing and if I open the original secured form in Reader, and fill it out and click 'Save', I get the 'Save As..' dialogue box to name my file, etc. and save.

• If I close and reopen the document I just saved with the new name, and make some changes to any of the fields and click 'Save', the 'Save As...' dialogue box pops up again.

• Users should be able to just Click 'Save' to overwrite the file.

• This 'problem behaviour' does not occur in Acrobat. Just Reader.

• This 'problem behaviour' goes away if I remove the document Edit password. (which I don't want to do)

So the issue isn't that the form can't be saved - It's that that user get's the 'Save As..' dialogue box every time they make a change to a document they've already saved, to their desktop for example on a form secured with a LiveCycle document edit password.

Any help you can provide is appreciated. Thank you!!


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