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Can I use scanned image for building a new form?


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Hello Experts,

We have 32 forms hard copies in our hand, we want them on to the system for printing, but not as is 100%, I mean, before users stated printing we need to do some minor modifications (say for example, we want to change existing field caption, field size, adding a new field, deleting a existing field), we have SAP ERP as backend system, I mean, the forms are will be rendered by using SAP business transactions, basically we would like not to develop all the 32 forms from scratch, field by field, our idea is,

1) Scan the 32 forms and save as a PDF or any compatible good format copy in our desktop

2) We have LC software in our system so by using it we want to do some minor modification to those scanned / saved copies. Because we saw the below options in LC


Pl. let us know how to achieve our requirement? I mean, do we have a chance to convert scanned image / saved PDF into something like XML format file and then exporting this XML file from local desktop into our LC designer layout so that all the scanned layout will be copied/downloaded into LC designer tool so that we can make our required modifications to it & save it as a new file for printing

Thank you

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Hi - We had a similar requirement in our project and we tried various work arounds, first being editing the form with Acrobat and then placing the fields on top of the static content wherever needed, this worked well and the form looked good but it drastically increased the form size (>16mb). So we saved each page of the PDF as a image and then imported it into the image fields on our designer, then we manually placed the text fields wherever applicable using positioned layout with no border. This worked great!!!

But if you have to edit the captions, you will have to make sure that the font used on the PDF is embedded within the PDF, you can do this my going to Properties <Fonts. In case you have the fonts, you can open the PDf in Acrobat Pro and then hit Edit text and images, then do the text change and save it back.