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Calculating time


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I need some help in Adobe Livecycle for calculating time, e.g, 2 fields-- time in (hh:mm) and time out (hh:mm) and total hours.  Also, is it possible to have the time options in 10 minute increments?   I am not a pro at this application and working my way through setting up internal forms and could certainly  use some help.  Thank you!


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To get the total number of hours between your two field you can use, this FormCalc in the calculate event of your hours field.


(Time2Num(TimeField2.formattedValue, "HH:MM") - Time2Num(TimeField1.formattedValue, "HH:MM")) / (60 * 60 * 1000)


If you want 10 minute increments you might be better off with a couple of dropdowns to choose hours/minutes or maybe something like this timepicker with up/down 'spinner' arrows.