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blue grid watermark on trial life cycle printouts v11.0.0.0


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I installed a trial version of life cycle from the adobe website. Previously my laptop had the factory installed adobe reader version that was pre-loaded. After installing the program I quickly found that all adobe files on my laptop including those printed on remote my desktop connection (RDT) had a blue grid watermark. Since the adobe reader was pre-loaded I had no choice other than to do a complete system restore to the date and time previous to the install. Unfortunately the watermark remains.

I called technical support and described the problem. They indicated they would help only after paying $39.95. I really feel this isn’t my problem using their trial software and was reluctant to pay for something I didn’t cause. Their reason for payment was that my laptop came with the free reader and if I wanted help I had to pay. My feelings is that I had a good working computer prior to the trial and why pay to fix.

The support technician suggested I go to this forum and research my watermark printout error. Finding none I’d like to see if anyone else has experienced the same watermark. Hopefully I’ll hear something. My next step is to try Facebook and reach out to a larger group.

It’s sad that all my customers that had to receive their invoices and proposal with this watermark today. Even my outlook PDF printouts using "Print-to-PDF" had the watermark. All was trying to do was create a form that could be auto filled-in and then digitally signed via email. Thank-you in advance for any support you can offer.

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You probably have defined a watermark in your PDF settings. Nothing to do with the trial at all. Since you haven't provided any relevant technical information, nobody can help you beyond that.