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Binding text fields based on drop down value


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I have a three page document with text fields and drop down boxes.  I have a drop down box where the user will select a value (C, V, W, O or OP).  The user will then fill out a name, address, telephone number for the individual.  There are 3 separate person sections that can be filled out.  On page 3 of the document is another form that will be printed and faxed.  This page has information that is the same as the first page (name, address, telephone) in three different sections.  One would relate to the C on page 1, one would relate to V on page 1 and one would relate to O on page 1.

What I would like to do is have the name information from the first page automatically fill in on the third page in the correct area.  For example:  If person 1 is a V then that text field with the name would bind to the third page Name field, the address text field would bind to the third page address field for that corresponds to the information needed for the V section of page 3 and so forth.

How would I go about checking what value is in the drop down for each section to be able to bind the correct text fields to each other for each of the sections. I have been searching for answers but I haven't been able to find any that fit what I am trying to do.

Sorry if this is confusing and any and all help is greatly appreciated,


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