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Best solution when there are multiple pods in a project.


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I've been working on this project with multiple pod for demo.  I have chat, webcam, whiteboard .. and will add map, and others..

Is it better to create a room for each pod? meaning have a room for chat and a room for webcam... so on.

or.. is it better to create collectionNode for each pod?

or is it better to create one room and one collectionNode for all pods?

or is this really depends on other aspect?

Thanks for your help..


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Typically each pod will setup its own collection node so you really don't have to worry about it. If you are writing new pods from scratch unless there is some data dependancy between pods then each pod having thier own collection node is typically how it is broken up. You can't really be logged into multiple rooms under one application (that I know of) so yeah only one room for all of them. Hope that helps.



I agree with _vesuvias, except for the last sentence . It is possible to have an app connecting to multiple rooms. For example AFCS allows you to set a connectSession parameter for a CollectionNode or a pod.

So you can create multiple ConnectSessions and assign them your components. So an app having WebCam Pod and Chat Pod might be connected to different rooms.

For simple apps like the one you mentioned, I would recommend just one room for an app, and one CollectionNode and multiple nodes for each pod/custom component. (purely a developers perspective).