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Assign task with use a document variable


Level 5


  if i'm assigning a pdf document in assign task operation with use a document variable instead of application asset, I see the same old blank form after user submits the form.

what ever typed in the form is not seen in the output variable assigned in Assign user task.

If I use application asset and provide input xml, then I could see the filled form as output when user submits.

What should I do to get the filled data in the form?

Note: Reason for using document variable is I want to dynamically assign the form created in the process to assign task instead of getting from repository.

Highly appreciate your assistance.



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Level 2

Ok. So are you populating document with the values entered by user in process before assigning.

Best approach is to xml and application asset.

And do you have your pdf document binded with xml schema. If not then you wont have fields populated in any way.