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Assign Task is assigned to a specific user but the she can not see it in her ToDo list


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I am currently working on the first process (after upgraded it to LC ES 2 with SP2) and try to test by routing it to the next person but the user could not see it in her ToDo list nor receive any Task email.

I checked for the process in the AdminUI and see that it is currently assign to that user and also check the email configuration but do not see any thing wrong. I also recorded it and see it is assign to that person. I then try to re-assign it to a different person but it still does not show in the next person's ToDo list. So I go to the log file and see there is an error as below:

00000078 UserServiceIm W com.adobe.idp.taskmanager.dsc.userservicev2.UserServiceImpl createTaskFromDialogProperties WARNING!!! You have not specified any Form TLO/DCI settings, and have not specified any input data.  This task will be created without any form.Process: 1515F/1515F, Step Name: AssignTask0

I tried to search for the error above but could not find any thing reference to it.

Can any one please advise on how to fix it so the user can see it in their ToDo list when the task is assigned to them.


Han Dao

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It sounds like you have not selected anything on the Presentation & Data tab of the Workspace Startpoint/User Service.

You need to specify:

  1. Your Asset (the form you want to present to the user)
  2. An associated Action Profile (tells the server how you want the form rendered...typically it is set to Default which uses the Render PDF Form process)
  3. The variable to hold your data(typically an xml variable)

Make sure these are set.