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Apply policy to documents (doc, docx...)


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Hello everyone,

we are using LiveCycle Rights Management web service and we have discovered a plugin for MS Office called RightsManagement Plugin for MS-Office.

We are wondering if there is any way to apply policy to office documents using live cycle (by web service).

I have searched in the documentation/forums and have only seen stuffs like "applying policy to pdf documents", nothing about office documents.

I have also tried if the web service would also apply a policy over a docx file but of course it has returned me an exception "not a pdf document".

So here are my questions:

is there a way to apply policy to office documents using live cycle (web service or java API)?

if yes, how ?

Thanks for your help


BTW: lc_version: 8.2.1

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The current version of LiveCycle (8.2) only allows the application of policies on PDFs.  You can apply policies to Office documents using the Office plugin, but it must be done at the client end.

From what I understand, the next version of LiveCycle (currently in public Beta) will address this.


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Ok. Thanks for the informations anyway